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Toy Review: Elite Series #53 – Alexa Bliss

By 8th May 2018 Uncategorised

Alexa Bliss has quickly established herself as one of the preeminent female performers on the WWE roster. With SmackDown Live and RAW Women’s Championship reigns on her resume, Bliss is definitely one of the pillars of the women’s division.

Not surprisingly, Mattel has taken advantage of Bliss’ various looks to create some great figures including the very impressive Elite 53 figure. Let’s see if this will have us in a blissful state of mind.

“…a strong Bliss likeness from her Harley Quinn inspired look. The hair sculpting is dead on, the expression is solid and the attire is perfect.”

In the Box: This is the standard predominantly red color scheme package with a repeated portrait of Bliss throughout. It’s OK, but nothing to get excited about. I wish Mattel put more effort into the back package even if it was just a small bio on the international card packaging.

How Does She Look? With one big exception, this is a strong Bliss likeness from her Harley Quinn inspired look. The hair sculpting is dead on, the expression is solid and the attire is perfect. Mattel only really botched the execution of Alexa’s chest, which is extended to the point of giving her an old lady bust. It’s one of those weird things you notice and can’t stop seeing again.

Mattel doesn’t do enough work with the female figures’ makeup, which tends to affect the overall likeness. In this case, they actually did try to capture Bliss’ eye shadow to an extent, but it’s not as harsh as she wears it resulting in a more surprised look that would have been fixed with stronger edges. Beyond that, the paintjob is outstanding with all the little details in the costume coming out nicely right down to the gradient hair coloring. This is one of Mattel’s best figures in terms of paint work.

Sized Up: Alexa is 5’1” so she’s looking up at everyone including the 5’10” Charlotte and 6 foot Nia Jax. The figure does a pretty good job of accurately replicating that scaling difference.

Movement: Alexa has the not quite full Elite articulation as she has neck, shoulders, elbows, wrist, waist, hips, thighs, knees and shins. The lack of the torso and double-jointed knees in particular limits some moves.

What’s she got: Alexa comes with the finishing touches for her Harley Quinn look including the pom pom skirt and gloves. These are nice pieces and fit on and off with little trouble. This is a complete version of Alexa as Harley with the only thing missing being a women’s championship.

Price: At the time of writing this review Alexa will run you £19.99, which isn’t a bad price for this Flashback figure (however prices may change based on stocks).

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